Clean & Green Policy

Three in One is a clean energy and technology aware company that is actively looking at new innovative and environmentally friendly strategies and products within our industry with a view to contributing to a better future and lower carbon footprint.


Energy-Saving Equipment Options

For clients who want to support environmental initiatives, we’re also offering a range of low-impact equipment options. For example, you could choose LED lighting, which uses less than 10% of the power required for conventional stage lighting.

We consider environmental awareness for event operations. There are a lot of simple things that can make a difference. Making sure equipment is turned off overnight, not left on standby. Avoiding unnecessary document printing. Better planning of delivery trips and inbound transfers for delegates. We believe that every consideration to conserve our planet’s resources will make a difference.

Video & Digital

Video and Digital communication is a faster and more efficient way to reach people, that negates the need for using our natural resources. It’s a paperless environment and the ongoing research and statistics endorse video as a much more effective way to communicate your message and engage people.