1. Demonstrate, through the event set-up and theming design, the philosophy behind the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation that encourages school children to learn the basic skills of ‘Growing’, ‘Harvesting’, Preparing’ and ‘Sharing’ homegrown produce through an interactive gardening experience.
  2. Create a rustic staging area for the formal presentation to officially open the Community Kitchen Garden.
  3. Arrange an event photographer.
  4. Provide overall management on the day.


  • Media and bloggers
  • Key stakeholders
  • Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation representatives
  • Local primary school children

Working to the Foundation’s guidelines, we re-created a country garden in Market Square at Rouse Hill Town Centre.

Community Kitchen Garden

This needed to reflect an organic look and feel. Wine barrels, wicker baskets, rustic wooden crates and fresh produce. Market umbrellas were strategically placed to offer shaded areas during the glorious spring day. Hay bales were used to define the event boundary and create the demonstration ‘Prepare’ & ‘Sharing’ space.

Community Kitchen Garden - watering cans on hay bale

In the ‘Prepare’ space, a mobile cook-top was set up for prep and cooking. The fresh produce had been harvested from the Community Kitchen Garden.

A long rustic wooden table was set with organic linen and red linen napkins, and dressed with wild flower posies in jam jars. Jugs of cool water with sliced lemon and orange completed the look.

Community Kitchen Garden - wellies

Demonstrations of ‘Growing’ and ‘Harvesting’ took place in the Rouse Hill Community Kitchen Garden. Children had the opportunity to get their hands dirty, helping to plant seedlings in large planter boxes. They were also given wicker baskets to help harvest spring vegetables.

Community Kitchen Garden - kid picking herbs