Mango – Coopers 62 Launch


  1. Mango Communications approached us to assist in the launch on the new Coopers 62 Beer.
  2. We came on board to design, create, install and manage all lighting, entertainment, and audio visual aspects of the launch.
  3. We created an atmosphere that was distinctively Coopers 62, which created talk-ability of the product among the guests.
  4. We also designed an amazing display that showcased the products and had a high visual impact when guests entered into the event space.


  • Celebrities
  • Media
  • Coopers Executives

Coopers 62 “you know who you are”. Your personal DNA the main theme behind the launch.

Coopers 62 launch - beer mats

A personalised gobo was made specifically for the event, creating a visually stunning and urban chic entrance.

Coopers 62 launch - light projection

DNA designed artwork was displayed throughout the event space, creating talkability amongst the guests.

As the venue was an open blank space, we created various private lounge areas.

Coopers 62 launch - lounge lighting