1. Develop training content for an event that would bring the latest product range to life in 3D.
  2. Live stream content from Sydney to other involved States.
  3. Overall project management of events.
  4. Source appropriate venues in each five States.
  5. Oversee all creative design and graphics for the event.
  6. Manage the catering and parking requirements for the event.
  7. Design, create and manage the online registration microsite.
  8. Design and create a stage set as per client brief.
  9. Provide technical support for the entire event.
  10. Manage and coordinate a separate Sydney event for the media launch.


  • Trade – Dealership Floor Staff
  • Media – Lifestyle and Tech Media
  • Panasonic Employees

Eager to engage the audience in a fun and new way, we presented a unique idea to Panasonic – produce a 15 minute branded 3D comedy short-film. Our team scripted, filmed on location and edited the content to profile the Panasonic products. A 3D satellite broadcast that was shown simultaneously in all capital cities around Australia.

Panasonic Home Entertainment Launch - movie poster

Panasonic Home Entertainment Launch – 3D movie

A stage set was built to create a lounge room environment from where the speakers could present. Using a wallpaper backdrop, two leather tub chairs, the latest Panasonic TV and a floor lamp, we created a homely environment.

Panasonic Home Entertainment Launch – stage design

Hoyts was chosen as the ideal venue as we wanted to create a movie premiere feel for Panasonic’s 3D short- film. As guests arrived they walked the red carpet, where the film crew P! (take on the entertainment program E!) were there to stage interviews. Beverages and canapies were provided on arrival to the guests.

Panasonic Home Entertainment Launch – Hoyts Premiere

Following the movie premiere, custom built interactive product displays were prominently placed to allow the audience to engage with the latest Panasonic home entertainment products.

Panasonic Home Entertainment Launch - Interactive displays

An event highlights video and red carpet vox-pops coverage was edited overnight and was with the client within 8 hours of the event.