Popcorn Taxi is an in-depth film event. A film event where filmmakers and enthusiasts can meet, watch films of all types, and discuss the filmmaking process in a candid, interactive and inclusive atmosphere.

The caliber of Popcorn Taxi’s past guests and related online content gave us an unusual head start with their latest web project. We decided to offer users a highly visual, infinite grid to showcase everything from events, audio, video, reviews and transcripts.


We brought across the vivid Popcorn Taxi yellow into an animated drop-down navigation. A set of icons were designed to represent the various sections in the ‘Popcorn’ collective.

screenshot - Popcorn Taxi - nav


Over a short space of time, we assisted Popcorn Taxi in creating a fast and attentive audience on Facebook and Google+. We understand the importance of connecting with and engaging your audience/client on a daily basis.


Consistent display across a range of devices was a must. As such the site uses a mobile-first responsive grid to serve up content.