1. Launch of Splinter Cell Conviction, pre-release date, exclusively for XBOX.
  2. To present a creative launch solution that would reflect the games look-and-feel, suit the predominant male demographic and wow the audience.
  3. Create an environment to encourage guests to trial the game.
  4. Create talk-ability and hype amongst the gaming world before the game is due to launch.


  • 8+ Event
  • Media Outlet Guests
  • Microsoft Guests
  • Ubisoft Guests
  • Competition winners
  • Sponsors


We sourced and converted an old warehouse in Ultimo. This presented us with a grungy raw canvas to build from.

Ubisoft – Splinter Cell Launch - warehouse


We wanted to create an event that truly reflected the game and in a unique environment. Through multiple projected visuals, extensive creative lighting, camo-net draped walls, and mass truss rigging, the space emulate scenes from the game.

Ubisoft – Splinter Cell Launch - warehouse - Gamers playing XBOX 360


We also secured Toyota to come on board as the launches major sponsor – showcasing their new imported chunky ‘Rukus’ dressed & lit in full ‘Splinter Cell Conviction’ wrap at the venues entrance.

Ubisoft – Splinter Cell Launch - Toyota Rukus


To retain the budget within the production of the event we sourced two bar sponsors. Coopers & Canadian Club were served from behind a branded 8m long glow bar.

Ubisoft – Splinter Cell Launch – glow bar